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Friday, May 13, 2022
eating, eating foods, thinking about eating, thinking about food, how to stop thinking about food, thought pattern, indian express news

Thinking about food all the time? Here’s how to break the thought pattern

May 12, 2022 3:50:41 pm

While there is nothing wrong with embracing food, this constant pattern of only ever thinking about meals can cause some kind of guilt

seed mix

This shake is a ‘powerful combination of healthy fats, protein, carbohydrates’ (recipe inside)

May 12, 2022 10:50:13 am

According to nutritionist Nidhi Gupta, it is important to kickstart the day on a healthy and energetic note

Aarthi Sampath, chef Aarthi Sampath, Aarthi Sampath interview

‘Indian food is having its moment in America’: Chef Aarthi Sampath

May 11, 2022 12:30:41 pm

"Chefs are really honing their roots; the whole ‘Americanize’ your food isn’t happening anymore," she added

mango savoury recipe

How you can make the internet favourite summer dessert, stuffed mango kulfi

May 9, 2022 8:00:32 pm

This season, there's one innovative dessert that has caught every mango-loving netizen's attention -- stuffed mango kulfi that started as a street food trend

Katrina Kaif, Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal, Katrina Kaif in New York, Katrina Kaif dining, Katrina Kaif New York restaurant, Katrina Kaif pancakes, indian express news

Katrina Kaif dined at her ‘favourite place ever’ with husband Vicky Kaushal; this is what she ate

May 9, 2022 1:20:50 pm

Vicky also took to his Instagram to share an adorable post-meal picture, which he captioned "Sugar rush"

sourdough discard recipe, paratha

For mothers and their gut-health, start adding sourdough discard to meals

May 8, 2022 6:20:39 pm

Make this sourdough discard podi stuffed paratha for your mom to make this Mother's Day super special for her

Little Lemon Tarts, Little Lemon Tarts recipe, how to make lemon tarts, lemon tarts recipe, simple way to make lemon tarts, mother's day recipe, indian express news

Mother’s Day special: Enjoy making lemon tarts today (recipe inside)

May 8, 2022 12:30:13 pm

If your mother has a sweet tooth, she will definitely love this dessert recipe!

Pat Cummins

‘Delicious’: Australian cricketer Pat Cummins tries Pav Bhaji in India for the first time

May 7, 2022 11:25:26 am

Pat Cummins, who admitted that he had not tried Pav Bhaji even though he has been coming to India for the past 11 years, was simply wowed by the dinner recommendation

robot chef

Robot chef imitates human eating process as it learns to taste food to assess the saltiness of dish

May 6, 2022 8:00:05 pm

Their results could be useful in the development of automated or semi-automated food preparation by helping robots learn what tastes good and what doesn't, making them better cooks

cloud kitchen, cloud kitchen serving Bihari food, Bihari cuisine, The Chhaunk, The Chhaunk Gurugram, cloud kitchen The Chhaunk, Bihari food kitchen The Chhaunk, mother in law daughter in law duo The Chhaunk, Bihari delicacies, indian express news

Saas, bahu and Bihari food: This Gurugram-based duo is bringing authentic homemade food to your doorstep

May 6, 2022 12:30:07 pm

"Bihari cuisine is rarely found in every restaurant. So many people from Bihar live all around the country and hardly get enough to eat," the entrepreneurs, who founded cloud kitchen 'The Chhaunk' during the pandemic, said


Healthy breakfast recipe: Foxtail millet upma

May 5, 2022 10:00:39 am

Recently, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India took to Twitter to share a handy recipe for Foxtail millet upma or ‘thinai upma’.


Betel leaf rasam: Check out the health benefits and recipe here

May 4, 2022 3:00:50 pm

"Betel leaf or vethalai rasam is very medicinal and tastes good too," food blogger Sowmya Sridhar said on Instagram

millet kheer

Eid-ul-Fitr special: Sweeten the festivities with vegan kheer made using browntop millet

May 3, 2022 6:20:49 pm

"You can also garnish with silver leaves (varq). I did because it’s Eid today and it had to look special."

edible gold

Understanding the history, consumption trends, and health impact of edible gold

May 9, 2022 5:54:50 pm

As the name suggests, edible gold is a particular variety of gold that is approved for consumption. Some of the most commonly used types of edible gold include gold foil, gold dust and gold flake, chef Sanjeev Kapoor said

sheer khurma

Eid ul-Fitr 2022: Enjoy delicious sheer khurma today (recipe inside)

May 3, 2022 10:00:45 am

Sweet preparations are indispensable to any Eid ul-Fitr festivities!

eid ul fitr 2022, eid dishes

From Bolani in Afghanistan to Lokum in Turkey, here is what the world feasts on Eid-Ul-Fitr

May 2, 2022 2:10:36 pm

Just like the celebrations of Eid-ul-Fitr differ in various parts of the world, so does the food that is enjoyed on this auspicious day.

Mindy Kaling

Try Mindy Kaling’s special recipe of her ‘favourite’ Bengali egg curry today

May 2, 2022 1:20:55 pm

She said that "it is one of my favourite dishes and you don't see it on a lot of menus. It's really easy to make"


Munch on these ‘aloo paratha nachos’ to keep evening hunger pangs at bay (recipe inside)

April 30, 2022 6:20:16 pm

Recently, Chef Ranveer Brar took to Instagram to share a post on this unique medley of east meets west!


Make dosa ‘in minutes’ with this easy, healthy recipe

April 29, 2022 8:00:02 pm

When it comes to making dosa at home, the lengthy preparation process, which involves fermenting the batter overnight, can discourage people from trying it in their kitchen. This recipe comes to your rescue!


These 5 Indian bars have made it to the top 50 in Asia

April 29, 2022 4:30:10 pm

Asia’s 50 Best Bar rankings are based on the votes of members of the Asia’s 50 Best Bars Academy, a group of about 220 people selected for their expertise on Asia’s bar scene

Chef Kunal Kapur, Chef Kunal Kapur interview, Chef Kunal Kapur healthy eating, Chef Kunal Kapur nutritious foods, Chef Kunal Kapur healthy eating for women, importance of breakfast, diet fads, heart healthy foods, cooking oils, indian express news

‘Fad diets come and go; it is important to eat a balanced meal, exercise right, sleep tight’: Chef Kunal Kapur

April 29, 2022 1:20:00 pm

"Women must plan their meals in advance, eat small and frequent meals to boost energy levels, drink water, and snack right in the evenings," he said


Sweet and squishy as ever, the gummy universe keeps expanding

April 28, 2022 10:30:50 pm

A century after they were invented by Haribo in Bonn, Germany, gummy bears remain a sweet, squishy source of joy. But the world of gummies has expanded far beyond that company, into countless corners of modern life

benedict cucumberbatch

‘I couldn’t resist this one of my favorite actors’: Food artist creates Benedict ‘Cucumberbatch’ (watch video)

April 27, 2022 10:30:54 pm

"If I saw this outfit, I'd buy it in a heartbeat," one social media user said.

cookies, how to make cookies at home, eggless cookie recipe, how to make eggless recipes, cookie recipe, cookie and tea, indian express news

A simple cookie recipe to enjoy with your evening tea today

April 27, 2022 7:00:33 pm

The eggless cookies will be ready in no time!

Chef Ajay Chopra, Chef Ajay Chopra show

‘The most complex thing about Indian food is its flavours’: Chef Ajay Chopra

April 27, 2022 1:16:42 pm

"Indian food, generally, derives its flavours from not more than 15-20 ingredients, but each dish changes its flavour because of the way the spices have been used, the way the meat has been treated -- which, I think, is the most complicated part to achieve," he said